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Experience Alsisar HAveli

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Nothing about your stay at Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur would be like your everyday life. You’ve got to leave behind your daily routines, work deadlines and the constant running around, because the opulence of Alsisar Haveli lets you put your hair down and indulge.

Heritage & Culture

Converted into a heritage hotel in 1994, Alsisar Haveli Jaipur has been aesthetically redesigned, incorporating in itself the grandeur of traditional Rajput architecture with rambling courtyards, serene alcoves and lush greenery. With illustrious activities, cultural performances, living art, marvellous celebrations and royal hospitality, Alsisar Haveli promises a magical experience of the bygone regal era of Rajasthan to its guests.

Spa & Pool

Enjoy refreshing swimming hours, poolside snacks and mojito pop treat by the leafy, lush trees lined pool, complete with newly refined gazebos and cenotaphs, and savour a massage by an in-house masseuse and acupressure-expert.

Royal Flavours

Savour the delectable delicacies of the land and the world in amicable ambiences of Alsisar Haveli.  The plush pool area is an absolute royal retreat for morning breakfast and evening high tea, while dinner at the extensive restaurant with Rajasthani specialties is a treat to both your eyes and appetite. Dining at Alsisar Haveli is a delightful venue for the connoisseurs of royal flavours in food as well as architecture.

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Firuzeh is an independent jewellery boutique that uses precious and semi precious gemstones set in silver and gold to create unique one of a kind pieces.


Ranging from contemporary art deco to more traditional pieces, every piece at Firuzeh reflects the fine artistry and craftsmanship of Jaipur.


By appointment only at Alsisar Haveli Jaipur.


+91 7849889232

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